Someone named Andrew Witt came to visit one new year's eve and introduced me to a site called Mr. T vs. Everything. I didn't know what to think of it at first, but the more Mr. T comics I read, the more I was brainwashed into thinking they were hilarious.

That very night I determined to make my own, and I did. After a couple days, I decided I could improve on the one I had made, so I stayed up all night making a second one. And now they are both here forever to contribute to your general mental failure.

  S t o r y 0 1
   Mr. T vs. The Earth
  S t o r y 0 2
   Mr. T vs. V

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Mr. T Music

Here are three exclusive MP3 files that no Mr. T fan should be without. The sound quality is just what you'd expect from Internet Mr. T Resources--I wouldn't have it any other way. I just encoded the cartoon theme (thanks to Jake for the WAV), and I don't think it has ever before existed in MP3 format, so spread it far and wide.
Mr_T_Cartoon_Theme.mp3 188KB
Mr_T_Cereal_Commercial.mp3 237KB
Mr_T_Be_Somebody.mp3 74KB
Mr_T_Mother.mp3 426KB
And here are two other MP3 files. They are unrelated, but I don't know where else to put them:
Sesame_Street_Lowercase_n.mp3 499KB
Commodore_64_Commercial.mp3 61KB

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The Mr. T logo at the top is © 1983 Big T's Enterprises, Inc. Used without permission, but for a good cause.

I once considered creating Mr. T vs. The Prisoner, but this is as far as I got: