A customizable psychedelic graphics program for DOS
(runs great under Windows 95)
Color Fusion v0.99b Screen Shots

ColorFusion v0.99b is an interactive VGA graphics program with very psychedelic effects that I have have written in C++. ColorFusion creates continuously-warping "plasma" displays, and many aspects of its appearance are customizable, from the colors that CF uses, to the pause between frames, to the type of image warping that is to be used. CF supports Sound Blaster input, via Line In, CD, and Microphone inputs, and acts as an oscilloscope, reacting to the sound in various ways. It can also use randomly-generated and built-in sine wave sets to "warp" the image and colors back and forth. It requires standard VGA, and a decent 486 is recommended. As far as actual requirements go, it will probably run on a 286, though it probably wouldn't be worth it. It is a DOS-based program, but I have noticed no performance degradation when running it straight from Windows 95. Even if you aren't a big DOS fan, ColorFusion is only a 65k download, so I think it is worth it (of course, my opinion is slightly biased). I don't think I am going to do much more with this program in its current form, but I hope to make more of these types of graphics programs in the near future, quite possibly something like a Windows 95 screen saver. I have started learning to program for Windows 95, and while it has a steeper learning curve than commend shell-based languages, I don't think it will take long for me to figure out the basics, and hopefully start on a new real-time graphics oriented Windows program that won't have some of the annoying limitations of running under DOS, like memory problems, and screen resolution and depth problems.

Apparently ColorFusion has a few more uses than I expected, as I have run across a few individuals who have used it for other purposes. Paragon at +ANoMALY+ used screen shots from ColorFusion to make some seamless textures. That idea struck me as really interesting, because here I am, making a bunch of seamless textures, when I never realized that I might be able to use ColorFusion to create some good textures as well as the other methods I use. Maybe it would be concievable for me to come up with a program specifically designed to come up with random mathematical patterns that are good candidates for seamless textures. I'd really like some feedback on any aspect of this program. If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, or other babblings, please send me some Email: ifish@infinitefish.com

Download ColorFusion v0.99b
(ZIP, 65k)
If you are having trouble downloading it via this link, you can right-click on it (in Netscape), and choose "Save this link as..." That will download the file and save it to your drive instead of simply viewing the file itself.