Unlicensed Korean Famicom Games

Nowadays, most Famicom cartridges available in Korea are bootlegs. Second most common are legitimate Japanese Famicom releases. However, Korea also tried their hand at programming Famicom games. A company called Fun Fun Club seems to have had the most success. Another company by the name of Golden Bell also had a successful game.

Fun Fun Club logo

Fun Fun Club (잼잼크럽)

Fun Fun Club developed and released several Famicom games, probably more than any other Korean company. They also released at least one Sega Master System game, Dooly (아기공룡 둘리), featuring the beloved baby dinosaur in a gun-toting side-scrolling action adventure.

Fun Fun Club was part of Daou Infosys Corporation ((주)다우정보시스템), which is now known as Daou Data Corporation.

Interesting thing is, it seems that some Fun Fun Club games were developed by another company, Open Productions.

Known Famicom Releases:
English translation Korean Number Notes Box / CartScreenshots
Dooly Bravo Land 둘리부라보랜드 DIF-001  A side-scrolling platformer with the popular Korean character. Unpolished controls make this game difficult to play.  Dooly Bravo Land cart 1
The General's Son 장군의 아들 DIF-002 A fighting game based on a popular Korean gansgster movie.

Copyright 1992.
 The General's Son box 
Koko Adventure 코코 어드벤쳐 DS-F301  Fun and original platformer with great gameplay. Koko Adventure box1 2
Metal Force 메탈포스 DS-F401 Metal Force is a platformer similar to the Mega Man games. Copyright 1993 Open Productions, released in 1994. 1 2 3 4

Golden Bell logo
Golden Bell Co., Ltd. (골든벨상사주식회사)

Golden Bell has one release that I know of: Jang Doo Jin's Baduk Clinic: First Lesson.

Golden Bell was part of the Hanwha Group (한화그룹).

English translation Korean Number Notes Box / Cart
Jang Doo Jin's Baduk Clinic: First Lesson 장두진 바둑교실 입문편 DKS-001 A game with detailed instructions showing the player how to play baduk. Copyright 1993. Jang Doo Jin's Baduk Clinic: First Lesson

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