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Little Com

Little Com (리틀컴) is a Famiclone-based "educational computer" manufactured by Asder Korea. It is marketed as a basic computer for young children.

The Little Com comes packaged with:
The manual is quite extensive, weighing in at about 170 pages. Much of the manual (about 100 pages) covers BASIC programming.

The Console

The main unit is what you would expect. It features a fairly standard English/Korean keyboard. The keyboard lacks Scroll Lock; the three keys in the upper right corner of the keyboard are "Print Screen" "Pause" and "Reset" rather than the normal "Print Screen," "Scroll Lock," and "Pause." The power switch is located next to the lights on the upper right corner of the unit. The windows and menu keys, located between the Ctrl and Alt keys on modern keyboards, are absent.

At the top of the takes standard Famicom cartridges. If a cartridge is present when the unit is powered on, the unit bypasses the built-in software and loads the game.

The back of the unit has a printer port, AV and RF connections, and a connection for the AC adapter. The controller ports are located on the sides of the unit (the left side has the player 1 port and the right side has the player 2 port).

Built-in Software

This is the main menu:

Little Com main menu

These are the included programs, listed clockwise from the upper left corner.

Math Class
Solve math problems Screenshot
Keyboard Practice
English Class
Korean Class
Fairy Tale Land
(동화의 나라)
Practice typing fairy tales Screenshot
IQ Boy
(아이큐 보이)
Porter Screenshot
G Basic
(지 베이직)
F Basic
(에프 베이직)
Magic Carpet 1001 Screenshot
Probably the best part of the calendar program is the cool dinosaur artwork (which are animated) Screenshots
1 2 3
Word Processor
Music Player
Plays several different tunes Screenshot
Magic Balloons
Balloon Monster Screenshot
Mathematical Formula Application
(수학공식 응용)
Calculator Board Screenshot
Music Class
A music composition program reminiscient of Mario Paint. Screenshot

There is also a game accessible by selecting the black bar at the bottom of the screen.

My Friend Jaerongi
(나의 친구 재롱이)
Raise a virtual pet. Screenshot


All in all, not a bad product. It's actually put together fairly well, and includes quite a bit of interesting software. The major drawback is that there is no save functionality, so it probably wouldn't be a good idea to write a term paper on the Little Com unless you plan on doing it in one sitting. However, it makes a nice addition to any collection.

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last modified on April 6, 2008