Pirate Ports: 16-bit Fun on an 8-bit Console

Thanks to Famicom pirates, we are able to have ports of games that we would otherwise not be able to have.

Aladdin | Dance Dance Revolution | Donkey Kong Country 2 | Earthworm Jim | Sonic and Knuckles | Super Mario World


Dance Dance Revolution

A Famicom port of Konami's hit dance game Dance Dance Revolution. Features a few different songs; however, they do not sound great and the beat does not match up with the arrows. In fact, the controls are pretty bad, so good luck getting all "Prefects."

Donkey Kong Country 2

Based on the Super Nintendo game Super Donkey Kong 2, known in the US as Donkey Kong Country 2. Not too bad graphics-wise, the game even includes details like "idle" animations when you don't move Diddy. However, the game is not without its flaws: poor controls make it very difficult to play.

Earthworm Jim

This is an excellent port of the first Earthworm Jim game on the SNES. This game is actually pretty good and seems to stay pretty faithful to the original. The controls are pretty good (unlike some of the other games on this page) and the graphics are excellent.

Sonic and Knuckles

Super Mario World

Super Mario World, originally for the SNES, lands on the Famicom with a bang! This game features several levels, and some decent gameplay. The music doesn't sound half-bad either. The version that I have is on a multicart and features a level-select screen.

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last modified on March 17, 2008