Updated 2023.12.09

Free Independent Games

These are some free independent video games that I've been impressed with. These are Windows games but some might also be available on other platforms. I also have a list of some of my favorite commercial video games.

This list excludes games on my Game Maker page and my Dreamlike Games page.

Abuse Abuse  by Crack Dot Com

Abuse is a science fiction action/shooting platform game.

Abuse 2016 Windows version by AntonioR
Alex Adventure Alex Adventure  by Alexandre Szybiak

Alex Adventure is a simple platform exploration game that's kind of surreal.

tomvert.free.fr download page
itch.io creator's page
Anthology of the Killer Anothology of the Killer  by thecatamites

Anthology of the Killer is a series of related games that can be played in any order, by the creator of Space Funeral and 10 Beautiful Postcards. They are horror-themed, but not really.

itch.io official site
Beemis Beemis: The Curse of God  by blebgo

Beemis: The Curse of God is creative, amusing, and challenging (but not too challenging to complete in one sitting).

itch.io official site
Blocksum Blocksum  by Circle Infotech

Blocksum is a unique and compelling puzzle game that resembles Panel de Pon (Tetris Attack). Don't let the numbers scare you--it requires only simple addition. The 2009 "Blocksum Omake" release differs slightly.

archive.org download site
Infotech official site (Gone for good?)
Bubsy 3D Bubsy 3D  by Arcane Kids

Bubsy 3D (Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Restrospective) is something I'd recommend even if you've never played an official Bubsy game. (I haven't.)

bubsy3d.com official site
Cave Story Cave Story  by Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) is a deep retro-styled platform adventure game with a lot of charm and excellent music.

cavestory.org tribute site (with English version)
Studio Pixel creator's site (Japanese)
TIGSource interviews: 2005 and 2010
Chalk Chalk  by Joakim Sandberg (Konjak)

Chalk is kind of like a scrolling shooter, but you draw with a piece of chalk instead of firing weapons. A unique and stylish game.

konjak.org official site
TIGSource review
Independent Gaming interview (2007)
Combo Pool Combo Pool  by NuSan

Combo Pool is a somple physics-based color matching game. You can play in a browser or on an Android device (one of very few phone games I like).

itch.io official site
Crypt Underworld Crypt Underworld  by Lilith Zone

Crypt Underworld is the sequel to Crypt Worlds, and allows you to explore strange, expansive environments.

itch.io official site
DROD Deadly Rooms of Death  by Caravel Games

DROD is a challenging turn-based puzzle game. It can be frustrating in places, but I think that's part of its appeal. Architects' Edition is the free version.

Caravel Games official site
Independent Gaming interview (2007)
Echoes Echoes  by Binary Zoo Studios

Echoes is a colorful and flashy arcade-style game that resembles Asteroids. You might like it even if you don't think a game similar to Asteroids sounds appealing.

itch.io official site
Eternal Daughter Eternal Daughter  by Blackeye Software

Eternal Daughter is an attractive SNES-style platform adventure game. One that you may find difficult beyond reason.

derekyu.com official site
TIGSource interview (2004)

Related (though not free): Aquaria
Fraxy Fraxy  by Mon

Fraxy is a boss rush game that's similar to Warning Forever. (See below.) It's simple but has a lot of variety and also includes an editor.

Fraxy official site
FraxyHQ English site with downloads
Fraxy Wiki custom bosses
Frozen Fruit Frenzy Frozen Fruit Frenzy  by Karl Hofer

Frozen Fruit Frenzy is a challenging puzzle action game. The second game consists of fan-made levels and several true sequels follow (not free).

"Never hit a wooden skull."

Blueskied.com creator's site
Frozen Fruit Frenzy download page
Frozen Fruit Frenzy 2 download page

One day, I drew some alternate graphics for Frozen Fruit Frenzy and replaced them using Resource Hacker.

Frozen Fruit Frenzy "fruitless remix" 0.3MB
Garden of Coloured Lights Garden of Coloured Lights  by Linley Henzell

Garden of Coloured Lights is a scrolling shooter with some clear inspirations.

allegro.cc official site
Glum Buster Glum Buster  by Justin Leingang (CosMind)

Glum Buster is an atmospheric exploration game in a dreamlike world.

itch.io official site
Dev.Mag interview (2009)
Quote Unquote another interview (2010) (Part 2)
Ikachan Ikachan  by Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)

Ikachan is an inspiring underwater platform game about a small cephalopod.

Studio Pixel creator's site (Japanese)
Total Insanity English version
Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey to the Center of the Earth  by Dot Zo Games

Journey to the Center of the Earth is short, charming platform puzzle game.

Famitsu download (Japanese--click the orange button)
Jump, Copy, Paste Jump, Copy, Paste  by Arvi Teikari

Jump, Copy, Paste is a clever puzzle game that seems inspired by Portal and I Wish I Were the Moon.

Hempuli's blog official site
Jumpman Jumpman  by Andrew McClure

Jumpman is a challenging platform game that combines old elements with new ones.

runhello.com official site
Knytt Stories Knytt Stories  by Nifflas

Knytt Stories is a simple and atmospheric exploration-based platform game that includes several worlds and allows you to create more of your own.

Nifflas' Games creator's site
Life of D. Duck II Life of D. Duck  by Bjørnar B. and Audun R.

Life of D. Duck and Life of D. Duck II are unusual and amusing point-and-click adventure games.

Best of Bjørnar B. creator's site
Passage Passage  by Jason Rohrer

Passage takes only about five minutes to play all the way though, and I think it's better without an explanation beforehand.

SourceForge official site
Perfect Cherry Blossom Perfect Cherry Blossom  by Zun

Perfect Cherry Blossom is a vertical scrolling shooter with nice presentation, my favorite in a series of similar games.

Team Shanghai Alice creator's site (Japanese)
Meiji University interview (2004)

This game may no longer be freeware if it ever really was. I don't know where to get it now.
Roguelight Roguelight  by Daniel Linssen

Roguelight is probably my favorite "roguelike" game of the few I've played. I'm not generally a fan of the genre, but I like this one.

itch.io official site
RoX RoX  by Dmitriy and Ilya Safro

RoX is a stylish Boulder Dash-style action/puzzle game.

See my RoX page.
rRootage rRootage  by Kenta Cho

rRootage is an abstract shooter that reminds me in some ways of Rez and Ikaruga. If you like this one, be sure to try Cho's other games, such as Noiz2sa and A7Xpg.

rRootage creator's site
Tomus Files interview (2005)
Strafing Run interview (2005)
Little Mathletics interview (2006)
Sandspiel Sandspiel  by maxbittker

Sandspiel is a browser-based sandbox physics simulation. There is no set goal but you can create and destroy using different materials.

sandspiel.club official site
itch.io official site
Star Guard Star Guard  by Sparky

Star Guard is a short and simple action platformer with kind of a bleak story.

Star Guard at itch.io
Tetra Blocks Tetra Blocks  by Nashua

Tetra Blocks is a well-crafted traditional Tetris game with great Commodore 64-style music by Pontus. The creator's site is gone so here's the installer:


archive.org download site
Untitled Dungeon Untitled Dungeon  by terribleben

Untitled Dungeon has nice minimalist art and good sound design. I finished it in one sitting but did not quite achieve 100%.

itch.io official site
Warning Forever Warning Forever  by Hikoza.T.Ohkubo

Warning Forever is an abstract shooter with nothing but bosses. Not quite as abstract as rRootage (see above) but similar in many ways and a lot of fun, even if it lacks music.

hikware.com official site