Updated 2015.03.27

Interviews with Me

Occasionally, someone asks to interview me about the games I make. These are links to such interviews.

2005 The Gamer's Quarter Andrew Toups interviewed me in person for issue 2 of The Gamer's Quarter magazine. They also asked me to draw that issue's cover art.

Direct link to issue 2 PDF:
2006 GM Insider Jabberwock interviewed me for the GM Insider Web log.
2007 Planet Freeplay Moshboy interviewed me for Planet Freeplay. That site is no longer around, so the link is to Archive.org.
2007 Independent Gaming Eden Bradfield interviewed me for Tim W.'s Independent Gaming Web log (which has since moved here).
2014 Bloodcruze Nilson Carroll interviewed me for his Web log.
2015 Chiptune Blog Feryl interviewed me for The Chiptune Blog.