Updated 2009.04.08

RSD Game-Maker

In 1993 or 1994, I found an ad for Game-Maker by Recreational Software Designs in the back of some video game magazine. There wasn't much information, and it was $50 (a formidable price in my lawn-mowing days), but I decided it was worth taking the chance. I was hoping to find something equivalent to Gary Kitchen's GameMaker.

I had fun with the program, but I quickly became frustrated with its limitations. I probably would have been more motivated to keep at it had the BBS number included with the program worked. It would have been fun to use my 2400 baud modem to trade creations with others.

I never completed a game using RSD Game-Maker, but here you can see some screenshots from a few that I started.

This is what the RSD Game-Maker box looks like:

Finally, here are a few other people on the Internet who talk about RSD Game-Maker:

Sylvain  (interesting technical stuff)

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