What have you created with ZZT, or related to ZZT?

I've made games, toolkits... and that's about it. Generally, I'm not that great of a ZZTer. My main skill is the ZZT-OOP language, and overall knowledge of how it works.

When you think about ZZT, what games come to your mind and why?

When I think about ZZT, I think about the Teen Priest series. It is THE game to play. I also think of Burger Joint. and Warlock Domain. ... and Kudzu ;]

Have you created any games outside of ZZT?

Not really. Unless they're drinking games.

Do you have any artistic pursuits other than making games?

I'm a musician at heart. I play in a band, People Die. We're like, in-your-face rock n'roll. Also, I am a DJ. I spin hardstyle, trance and breaks. Also, I like to keep up on ZUltimate. It's the best ZZT site, ever!

dj Clif:

What are you up to, lately (in life, generally)?

Just playing music, working, spending time with my girlfriend, and hanging out on IRC.

Has your experience with ZZT or the ZZT scene made any sort of lasting impact on your life?

Like no other influence in my LIFE. It seriously warped me as a child and I am still a suffering addict of the community.

What works of non-ZZT art have inspired you the most?

Bands like Bad Religion, NOFX, Queens of the Stone Age, and Slayer. DJ's like Bouncy, Wheelz and Aphrodite.

Do you have any interesting stories to relate about ZZT or the ZZT scene?

I have so many grand memories from the community. MarkLu was by far, the greatest thing, ever. Generally, any moment with Draco, Ryosuke, Lifesummer, Zamros and Nadir.

Do you plan to create any games in the future, with or without ZZT?

I'm not really in to game creation. It's getting really technical nowdays. That's why I like ZZT, the simplicity.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Shouts to my homeboyz, you know who you are. Thanks for keeping the scene alive!

- April 2007