ZZT creator profile:
Luke "Butz" Drelick

when and how did you first get into ZZT?
Nov. 23, 1995, my friend Dan Patalano (MOGthe1st@aol.com) told me about it, because I used to draw up my own video games...

how many ZZT games have you created? what are they?
The Coliseum, Overflow.

what things do you consider most important in a ZZT game?
Graphics, story, music.

what tips, if any, would you give aspiring ZZT programmers?
Play games like Code Red, Coolness, etc. Make your games innovative, with beautiful graphics, and a good plot. It really helps if you plan your game out extensively before you begin.

what are your favorite ZZT games?
Code Red, Coolness, Sivion, Escape from Planet Red.