ZZT creator profile:

when and how did you first get into ZZT?
A friend of mine got it from a BBS one day in the summer of 1996, and I just loved it! I was hooked on it and really got the hang ofit in the six months before I finally got online.

how many ZZT games have you created? what are they?
I've made MoreSTK, WeirdSTK, Demo 2, Shade Toolkit, ZZT Encyclopedia, and, of course, Chrono Wars!

do you plan to make any more games?
I'm working on an RPG, Mystic Blade.

what things do you consider most important in a ZZT game?
Graphics and the title screen are the most important in drawing people in, and plot is most important in keeping them there.

what tips, if any, would you give aspiring ZZT programmers?
Experiment, experiment! Don't take those docs' word for it. Try every command. See how it all works. The docs are your experiment guides! When you develop all the knowledge you can, THEN start making a game.

what are your favorite ZZT games?
Mission: Enigma and a new one, Quest for the Immortals, are my favorite games of all time.