ZZT creator profile:

when and how did you first get into ZZT?
I think it was about the summer of 93, and I was about 14. I was on America Online, and of course, like many others, saw the ZZT Adventure section. I downloaded a game, and found out I had to have a program called ZZT to run them. So I downloaded that. I read the documentations, found out it had an editor, and began working on my very own game. It was a very exciting time for me.

how many ZZT games have you created? what are they?
Just one game have I ever completed: Sivion. I have/had many other games in the making, but I have not been able to complete them. Probably because I spend little time on them, or something. =)

do you plan to make any more games?
For ZZT, no. Those days are gone for me. In Megazeux, yes, I am currently on Zog the Hunter II with other members of Autumn Dremas (my company), including Nathan Ridley, the project director. I have Sivion for MZX in the works also, and one other project that I am heading. I will also be helping, later, with The Orb of the Twisted II, and the rest is undecided for me. So pick them up! you don't have to be a Megazeux wizard to play them.

what things do you consider most important in a ZZT game?
Its playability. It has to have a sprinkle of everything. I think a game must have good graphics, which includes pallete gradients (like the borders in Sivion Gold). If you have alot of text, it _MUST_ be interesting. Absolutely interesting. The ZZT crowd likes humor, make sure you get a grip on it. Some people miss humor totally and make the weirdest games. =) The sound effects are really good. ZZT beeps are great, and you can do almost anything with them. Make sure everything has short sounds to them. Long ones are annoying. And various other catagories help, too. Originality, challenge, length, complexity.

what tips, if any, would you give aspiring ZZT programmers?
Never give up! Trust your instincts. =) If you think it is good, then by George go with it. Release your games and get some critism. Then remake them. Don't ever scrap anything just because you're not satisfied with it. I mean, I never did. I have made tons of remakes on my games. If you get new ideas, add them in. AND READ THE DOCUMENTS. Print them out and read them at school. They make some good reading. =)

what are your favorite ZZT games?
My absolute favorite has been Sivion ZZT. Why? becase I made the game for myself. I made it so _I_ can enjoy it. And I haven't gotten sick of it yet. =) Some other favs of mine are Mission:Enigma and Warlord's Temple. And no, I'm not a real fan of Code Red. It was cool, but not that cool.