kudzu as zzt.org CGotM

Kudzu was chosen as Classic Game of the Month at zzt.org for August 2001. This is the writeup as it originally appeared.

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Classic Game of the Month (August 2001) Kudzu  
Author: cly5m

Many years ago the zzt scene wasn't plagued with politics and people being stressed out because they were trying to impress an elite few. Rather, it was a time of experimentation, where people were still searching for the limits of zzt, and trying to see exactly what one could do in an already outdated game creation system.

Out of this era sprang one of the most influential ZZT games of all time, Kudzu. This game truly combines atmosphere, the situation at hand, and its puzzles to perfection.

With the opening sequence, the player immediately learns that he knows nothing of his situation. All you know is that there is a parachute beside you and that you want to call home.

From there, Cly5m doesn't miss a beat, immediately giving the player many things to do. Walking around a strange complex, you do anything from defacing statues to shooting squishy things to breaking urns that clearly state not to break them. The atmosphere of the game is truly wonderful, as cly5m truly sucks the player in. The entire complex is really a joy to walk through (unless you're getting shot at by some mean looking guard type people.)

At the same time, this game requires thinking, but you will be able to figure it out if you keep seaching. There isn't anything very innovative puzzle-wise, but the layout is marvelous.

What I truly like about this game is that it is so rooted in reality, something that is hardly seen in ZZT nowadays. Yet, while everything is very real, it feels as if everything is very unreal at the same time.

All in all, you can truly thank this game for ZZT being what it is today. Without this masterpiece there would be no P0P, there would be no Winter... well, at least, not how we know them today. Do not let the graphics fool you, this is definitely one of the best ZZT games ever made.

- wayward

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