zzt32a.zip  180 KB

ZZT version 3.2 by Tim Sweeney. This ZIP file includes all 6 of the original worlds. ZZT and all of these worlds are officially freeware despite what they say.
zzt_stk.zip  29 KB

Super Tool Kit by Greg Janson. A collection of walls and objects in colors normally not available. You really can't make a good ZZT game without this.
zzt_help.zip  37 KB

This ZIP contains two ZZT files--ZZT Syndrome by Barjesse and ZZT Help by Matt Williams. Both are informative guides on how to make good ZZT games.
rat.zip  3 KB

Resident ASCII Table by MRE Software. If you are working in a DOS environment, this can be useful. Once loaded, it displays the ASCII characters and their codes whenever you hit ALT twice.
superzzt.zip  186 KB

Super ZZT is another program by Tim Sweeney that was developed after ZZT but just never caught on the way ZZT did. This ZIP file contains two additional games: Life! Don't Talk to Me about Life! by Joe McManis, which is based on Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series; and Funland by Morgen and Karl Germyn, which I'm not sure I have ever played. As with ZZT, press W at the title screen to open a different world.
You can call these debugging options or cheat codes, but they can be useful for getting past bugs in games or for testing your own. These codes do not work in ZZT versions earlier than 3.2.

While playing, hold SHIFT and press ? to bring up a prompt, and then type one of the following:

gems  -  gain 5 gems
ammo  -  gain 5 shots
torches  -  gain 3 torches
health  -  gain 50 health
time  -  gain 30 seconds (on timed boards)
zap  -  destroy the 4 surrounding blocks
-dark  -  turn on the lights
+dark  -  turn off the lights