Updated 2020.04.19

Flash Games

These are some free browser-based Flash games that I recommend. See also my list of free independent Windows games.

With support for Flash reportedly ending after 2020, it may soon be necessary to find another way to play these games. Preservation projects such as BlueMaxima's Flashpoint look promising.

Anika's Odyssey Anika's Odyssey  by Zodal

Anika's Odyssey is a short and well-crafted adventure game.

Anika's Odyssey the game (at Kongregate)
Trickysheep creators' site
Auditorium Auditorium  by Dain Saint and William Stallwood

Auditorium is a unique music-based puzzle game.

Auditorium the game
Cipher Prime creators' site
Fractal another game
But That Was [Yesterday] But That Was [Yesterday]  by Michael Molinari

But That Was [Yesterday] is an artsy, dreamlike game.

But That Was [Yesterday] the game (at Jayisgames)
Together another game (at Armor Games)
How My Grandfather Won the War another game (at Armor Games)
OneMrBean creator's site
Canary Canary  by Nitrome

Canary is a clever action/puzzle game.

Canary the game
Captain Forever Captain Forever  by Farbs

Captain Forever is a space melee ship-building game.

Captain Forever the game
farbs.org creator's site
Continuity Continuity  by Elias Holmlid, Dmitry Kurteanu, Guy Lima Jr., and Stefan Mikaelsson

Continuity is a clever slide puzzle platformer.

Continuity the game
Cursor*10 Cursor*10  by Yoshio Ishii

"Cooperate by oneself?"

Cursor*10 the game (at Jayisgames)
Cursor*10 [2nd Session] the sequel (at Jayisgames)
Nekogames creator's site

Chronotron a similar game (at Kongregate)
The Company of Myself another similar game (at Newgrounds)
Dino Run Dino Run  
by Miles Tilmann, Rich Grillotti, and Mark DeNardo

Dino Run is a simple but excellent low-resolution action game.

Dino Run the game
Pixeljam creators' site
Every Day the Same Dream Every Day the Same Dream  
by Paolo Pedercini

Every Day the Same Dream is a short, bleak game.

Every Day the Same Dream the game
Feed the Head Feed the Head  by Patrick Smith

Feed the Head defies description.

Feed the Head the game
Vectorpark creator's site
Windosill not free but excellent
Fly Guy Fly Guy  by Trevor Van Meter, Jason Krogh, et al.

Fly Guy is the type of thing that makes the Internet worth visiting.

Fly Guy the game
Gateway 2 Gateway  by Anders Gustaffson

Gateway and Gateway 2 are strange, clever point-and-click inventory-based puzzle games.

Gateway the first game
Gateway 2 the second game
Cockroach.se creator's site
Go to Hell Go to Hell  by Witold Burkiewicz (Meta Sauce)

Go to Hell is in the same genre as Dig Dug or Mr. Driller, but with fun water physics as a new twist.

Go to Hell the game (at Newgrounds)
Grow Cube Grow Cube  by On

Grow Cube is the third in a series of interesting trial-and-error puzzle games.

Grow Cube the game
Eyezmaze creator's site
Grow Tower another game
Grow Valley another game
Hoshi Saga Hoshi Saga  by Yoshio Ishii

Hoshi Saga is a series of games in which you have to find a star in each of many cleverly-designed puzzles. Some of the puzzles are extremely easy to solve, while others aren't.

Hoshi Saga the first game
Hoshi Saga 2 the second game
Hoshi Saga 3 the third game
Hoshisaga.jp full list of games
Nekogames creator's site
Immortall Immortall  by Pixelante

Immortall is a short dramatic game that tells its story effectively.

Immortall the game (at Kongregate)
Immortall the game (at Armor Games)
Pixelante creator's site
The Majesty of Colors The Majesty of Colors  
by Gregory Weir

The Majesty of Colors is a one-screen game with multiple endings.

The Majesty of Colors the game (at Kongregate)
Ludus Novus creator's site
Orisinal Orisinal  by Ferry Halim

Orisinal is not a single game, but a large collection of ingenious small games.

Orisinal the games
Ferry Halim creator's site
Pragaras Pragaras  by Jurgis, Jurgis, and Teshla

Pragaras is a stylish and interesting game that can be a little confusing at first.

Pragaras the game (at Armor Games)
3j creators' site
Indie Games walkthrough
Miestas another game (at Armor Games)
QWOP QWOP  by Bennett Foddy

QWOP is a game that's as entertaining to lose as to win.

QWOP the game
Foddy.net creator's site
Samorost Samorost  by Jakub Dvorsky

Samorost is an odd and attractive point-and-click game. There's also a shareware sequel.

Samorost the game
Amanita Design creator's site
The Quest for the Rest another game
Indie Games interview
Machinarium not free but highly recommended
Silly Sausage Silly Sausage  by Nitrome

Silly Sausage is a puzzle game involving a stretchy dog. I think I could listen to the in-game music forever.

Silly Sausage the game
Small Worlds Small Worlds  by David Shute

Small Worlds is simple platform exploration game with an interesting use of scale.

Small Worlds the game (at Armor Games)
Small Worlds the game (at JayIsGames)
Steamshovel Harry Steamshovel Harry  
by Allen Hendersen and Brad Sucks

Steamshovel Harry is self-explanatory.

Steamshovel Harry the game (at Kongregate)
Today I Die Today I Die  by Daniel Benmergui

Today I Die is a quick one-screen puzzle-type game.

Today I Die the game
Ludomancy creator's site
Indie Games interview
I Wish I Were the Moon another game (at Kongregate)
You Have to Burn the Rope You Have to Burn the Rope
by Kian Bashiri and Henrik Nĺmark

You Have to Burn the Rope is a short, straightforward platform action game.

You Have to Burn the Rope the game (at Kongregate)
Mazapán creator's site
Reachground musician's site
Indie Games interview