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These are games that I've created using Game Maker by Mark Overmars.
Seiklus   Released 2003.08.15

This was my first Game Maker project, and it took me about six months to create. You can read about it and download it on this page.

Elu   Released 2003.11.07

This isn't exactly a game, but a life simulator. You can watch what happens or take an active role. Inspired by Jph Wacheski's "Seeds."

elu12b.zip  1.7 MB

Elu Undersea   Released 2004.08.25

This is similar to Elu, but it's underwater and there's a little more to do.

elu_undersea13d.zip  2.0 MB

Johnny's Odyssey   Released 2004.03.16

Johnny's Odyssey is a fan game based on the Johnny games by Sparlatacus. I spent only a few days on this game.

". . . I wouldn't be smiling if I had to go on such an adventure . . ."
-- Crane Games at Yoyogames.com

jodyssey11.zip  3.4 MB

Johnny's Nightmare   Released 2006.02.04

This is another Johnny fan game. I spent about twice as long on it. I'm not sure why I made two of these--I normally dislike using other people's characters.

jnightmare13.zip  5.0 MB

Works in Progress
Velella   Unreleased

This is a joint project with darthlupi. It's a platform game that tries to capture the feeling of flying in dreams and also has exploration, puzzle, and action elements.

We sometimes neglect this project for extended periods of time, but we'll finish it eventually. Here's a very short demo:

velella_demo_200502.zip  1.6 MB.

Avaus   Unreleased

In this game, you pilot a ship on a rescue mission in a dream world. This is a pretty large project, and I hope to have it finished in 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011.

"I booted up the game and looked at it. It was deeply depressing. 'Think of the game as an old car youíre fixing up in your spare time,' Tomi suggested, urging me to resume work on it. This old car has an engine block thatís rusted solid. I canít even think about how much work lies ahead."

  -  a 1987 journal entry by Jordan Mechner (referring to Prince of Persia)

Ambleek   Unreleased

An action/adventure game. But not a normal one. This is on hold for now, but here's a short demo from 2003:

ambleek_demo02.zip  1.1 MB.

Overscan   Unreleased

A joint project with Jph Wacheski for the Tigsource.com "demakes" competition. We didn't get this to the state we wanted it for the contest, and it's not even a proper demo, but we plan to finish it up eventually.

overscan_DEMO_001.zip  1.1 MB.

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