seiklus FAQ

What does the word seiklus mean?
It's the Estonian word for adventure.
Are you Estonian?
No, but I speak the language (less proficiently as time goes on with no practice).
Did you create all of the graphics and music?
Graphics, yes. Music, no.

seiklus doesn't have any music of its own. However, I've included a few songs that I think suit the game and I've configured the game to recognize and play these files. As far as I know, these files are all freely distributable in this way. If you know otherwise, please let me know.
How did you program this game?
I used a program called Game Maker by Mark Overmars, which I highly recommend.
Do you plan to make a sequel to seiklus?
It's possible, but I'm going to focus on some other projects first. You can see what I'm currently working on here.
How do I get past (some part of the game)?
You might try looking at Andrew Marrero's walkthrough.
How has seiklus been received?
Here are some reviews and other mentions on the Web:

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I've archived the seiklus thread from the old Game Maker Community forums here.

I came across some interesting seiklus video recordings by Sashamiike: 1 2 3
Here's more of what people are saying:

"This game is not very good."
  - guest reviewer, Gaming World

"If you'd played Seiklus as a kid instead of Defender, chances are you'd be a well-rounded, sensitive individual instead of the cold-hearted, ego-driven monstrosity you've become."
  - Alt, Insert Credit forums

"It renders me helplessly bored."
  - another guest reviewer, Gaming World

"It's just an old white stick prancing in grass."
  - L33TNerd, Game Maker Community

"How can ANYONE like this..."
  - Babrook, Game Maker Community

"what a coincidence. its also estonian for lame [sic]"
  - crimson, Plog

". . . a very empty and shallow game."
  - Pseudonym, GameHippo user comment

"I hate seiklus."
  - macxthegamer, Yoyo Games forums
Legendary Creations made a seiklus "demake" in 2010 for a Game Jolt contest. You can find it here.