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y first computer was a second-hand Commodore 64. I had many excellent games, and many of those games had excellent music. I still like to listen to C64 music, and thanks to emulation I can do so without having to hook up my Commodore and rely on deteriorating disks.

With the Internet, I've discovered that not only are there other C64 music fans in the world, but that there are talented musicians who create their own arrangements of C64 songs.

On this page, you can find some songs to download and links to many other resources.

o play C64 music on your computer, you need a player and some SID files. SID files contain sound extracted from C64 disk images. Some player options include sidplay2/w, Deliplayer, or Sidamp (a plugin for Winamp).

The High Voltage SID Collection is a ridiculously vast library of over 30,000 SID files. Many people have worked to enlarge and refine this huge collection, and updates are posted periodically.

If you don't want the entire collection, you can search for individual files with SIDFind or browse the collection at

ollowing are some of my favorite C64 songs and MOD arrangements. The files are taken straight from the HVSC, and require one of the players mentioned above.

The files can be played in Winamp or Deliplayer. For best results with Winamp, you might want to use the Oldsk00l plugin (v0.88, 180k). And if you like the MOD files listed here, then you'll probably like others on my cell7 music page.

Tim Follin track 1
Matt Gray by Pet Shop Boys
Guy Shavitt by Erasure
Martin Galway track 2
Dreamfish none
unknown none
Guy Shavitt by Madness
Edwin van Santen by New Order
Matthias Hartung by Michael Jackson
Guy Shavitt by Erasure
Ben Daglish none
Nashua none
Jonas Hċkansson (Avalon) by Depeche Mode
Kristopher Roebuck by Pachelbel
Rob Hubbard none
Android none
Traven none
Stefan Hartwig none
Adam Gilmore none
Rob Hubbard track 12
Nemesis1 none
Sidewinder none
DDT none
Rob Hubbard tracks 2, 3, 4, and 6
Dave Kelly none
Matt Gray none
Delorean none
Volker Meitz by Depeche Mode
Marc Fischer by Depeche Mode
Markus Mueller ibidem
David Dunn none
Paul Norman tracks 1 and 3
Chris Hülsbeck tracks 4 and 5
Instant Remedy none
Mr. Real none
Pah none
Wire none
Martin Galway track 10
Dreamfish none
Mark Alphingwood none
A T L none
Martin Galway track 1 (Ivory Tower from The NeverEnding Story)
4-mat ibidem
Jurgen van Dongen by Depeche Mode
Markus Mueller ibidem
David Whittaker tracks 2, 3, and 7
Luca Carrafiello by Offspring
Ben Daglish tracks 1, 2, and 3
unknown a medley
Martin Galway track 1
Dreamfish none
Rob Hubbard tracks 1 and 3
Martin Galway none
Jason Brooke track 2
Vincent Voois Splash Wave
Technix Splash Wave
Dr. Fiemost Splash Wave
Kristopher Roebuck by Gershon Kingsley
Neil Baldwin by Gershon Kingsley
Mark Wilson by Depeche Mode
David Whittaker none
Nashua none
David Thielat track 24
Chris Hülsbeck tracks 4, 5, 6, and 7
Jeroen Tel track 11
unknown none
Richard Joseph none
Rob Hubbard track 1
Dreamfish none
Mark Cooksey tracks 1 and 3
Mike Riedel none
Nashua none
Mike Riedel none
Cirdan none
Rob Hubbard track 1
Nashua none
Wire none
Johannes Bjerregaard none
Jeroen Kimmel none
A T L none
Warren Pilkington by Front 242
Fred Gray none
Paul Norman track 7
Mike Alsop track 1
4-mat none
Rob Hubbard track 1
Nashua none

nd the MOD arrangements are only the beginning. You can find many quality arrangements in MP3 format or on CDs. I don't have room for MP3s on my site, but I can direct you to some good sources.
has many excellent MP3 C64 arrangements, all for free.
has some great C64 arrangement MP3s and CDs.
has reviews, interviews, and lots of other information.

SLAY Radio
plays C64 arrangements all the time.

is another great Internet radio station.

LaLa's SID pages
are all about C64 music.
has lots of good music to download in original formats.

C64 Music
is a Web log about C64 music and related things.

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