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his page is my tribute to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), with a focus on its music. In some cases my interest in NES music is probably inseparable from my nostalgia for the games themselves, but I think that a lot of the music can stand on its own. Among analog synthesizers, I often find that those with the simplest sound can be the most appealing. And the distant, dreamlike sound of the NES at its best is one of my favorites.

I was happy to discover that I could listen to songs extracted from emulated NES games conveniently on my computer. If you use Winamp, you can try Disch's excellent NSF plugin NotSo Fatso.

    NotSo_Fatso.exe  v0.851

he NSF format was created by Kevin Horton, and you can download his NSF collection, which is sorted by country and by publisher, and get more information about working with the NES and its music from his Web site. For tons more, try the NSF Archive at Zophar's Domain.

I also have some of my favorites available on this page.

nd now for some of my favorite NSF files and a few arrangements in other formats. These are ZIP files containing either an NSF file or some variety of MOD file. The files require a player like the one mentioned above.

For the files, use a player like Winamp. And for best results get the Oldskool winamp plugin.  Oldskool v0.88

PhD by Jeroen Tel
Naoki Kodaka and Marumo tracks 2-6
Kinuyo Yamashita, S. Terishima tracks 2 and 4
Kent Hansen stage 3 theme
S. Terishima, Kenichi Matsubara tracks 2 and 4
unknown Bloody Tears
H. Maezawa, Yukie Morimoto, Jun Funahashi tracks 1, 11, and 13
Yoko.O track 22
Perorins Tonomura track 33
Koichi Sugiyama none
Koichi Sugiyama tracks 2, 4, and 10
Michael Burke Only the Lonely Boy
Koichi Sugiyama tracks 5, 7, 14, and 16
Koichi Sugiyama tracks 5-7, 13, 14, 19, 26, and 30
unknown tracks 1, 6, 10, and 12
Axis world trunk theme
Nobuo Uematsu tracks 4, 5, 9, 10, 12, and 14
Nobuo Uematsu none
Nobuo Uematsu none
William Bubel (inmate2993) by Nobuo Uematsu
PhD by Chris Hülsbeck
Miki_Chang tracks 2, 3, and 6
H. Maezawa and Y. Morimoto none
unknown tracks 8, 13, and 15
unknown track 33
Timo Vehmaa hyper theme
Konchano none
unknown tracks 1-7 and 10
Gonzou none
Hiro Tanaka tracks 1, 3, and 5
More Yamasan and B. Hasake tracks 9 and 21
S. Kajiya, Mayu, and Miya none
unknown none
Uhei, Inoh, and Kinoko track 2
unknown tracks 1, 6, 8, and 11
Kent Hansen main theme
Alberto Gonzales tracks 1 and 6
Yuzo Koshiro none
Yuzo Koshiro none
unknown none
Ajaxlemon none
unknown none

If you want more excellent MOD files, you can find many more in another area of this site, cell7.

nd finally, here are a few more links to NES stuff elsewhere on the Internet, music-related and otherwise:

OverClocked Remix
MP3 arrangements of music from games on many platforms by many different artists. You can find some very high quality music on this site.

The Mario Systems
Bonnie and Dennis Lincoln play piano arrangements of music from lots of classic NES games. You can download their songs in MP3 format.

This is easily one of my favorite things on the Internet. Tons of small music files in various formats, including NSF.

Videogame Music Archive
If you're looking for game music MID files, this would be the place to go. Their collection is enormous.

A repository of all kinds of technical NES documentation, utilities, and many other things. A very good resource if you're looking for that sort of thing.

tsr's NES archive
A site that is no longer updated, but doesn't need to be. A vast resource with many unique features and fun things to read.

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